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Stavanger Bootcamp
Krav Maga Stavanger training
Krav Maga Stavanger

My aim is to enlighten, motivate and guide as many others as I can towards a healthier and happier lifestyle...

... and I do this a little differently to most instructors and fitness trainers.

A challenge to the status quo

The current auto-response for the majority people when they are hit with the desire to lead a healthier lifestyle is... to join a gym and/or go on a strict calorie counting diet. This is the status quo, the norm, the generally accepted way of doing things. Fitness centres thrive because people have a week of dedication but get locked into year long contracts. All of my clients have experienced at least one of the following...

  • Joined a "cheap gym" but paid thousands over the years in unused memberships

  • Had a personal trainer, saw some results but couldn't maintain it

  • Seen a Nutritionist and paid a ridiculous amount for barely legible scribble on A4 paper

  • Tried a diet. Found cake

  • Tried another diet. Found more cake

  • Tried diet and exercise. Found cake and a sofa

What if there was another way...

​What if you could workout effectively and efficiently, and only pay for the time that you are training? What if you wanted to train every week... for just one or two hours?


I like to challenge the status quo. Yes, we can be fit, yes we can be healthy and yes I am going to have a doughnut and a milkshake after my workout!


I offer 2 options

When you join a gym to get in shape you are instantly committed to paying 3000-7000kr a year due to the long term contracts that these fuckers force you to sign up to. Their entire business model is betting on the fact that you are going to come a few times and then drift off but still be paying the extortionate monthly fees.

Bootcamp fitness, online assisstance & Personal Training

My first option here is a Bootcamp style of training class. This involves a lot of high energy bodyweight movements and group games that are designed for function and fun.

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Krav Maga training, Combat & Self Defence instruction

This is what I am most known for locally.  I have been the leader of the Krav Maga Club of Stavanger and Sandnes since I founded it in 2011. My aim was to bring authentic and useful self defence training to the city and teach a valuable life skill to as many people as I can.

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Hinna Bootcamp
Våland Bootcamp G10Ben onesite
Krav Maga G10Ben

My Main Message

Most of the time I just want to help. I enjoy instructing and guiding people. There is often a brief flash in the knowledge transfer process when I see that the other person gets it, something clicks in their mind and they recognise that they have in that moment gained a new skills. It´s this look of realisation, when the eyes widen and a smile creeps in that I strive to create with every client and every student I have.

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