Benchmark Basics Crazy Horse Oiled Leather Zulu Watchband – 18mm, 20mm, 22mm or 24mm (Multiple Colors)


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Quickly and easily change the feel and appear of your watch with a Benchmark Basics oiled leather Zulu watchband.

In a sweet spot between a casual nylon Zulu and a traditional leather strap, our leather Zulu is a Jack-of-all-trades that may be worn on any occasion. The soft leather is comfortable for on a regular basis wear and makes a very easy transition from the office to the weekend.Replace your original leather or steel band for a more casual look, or try a different color Zulu band to complement.

Rugged 3 mm brushed stainless steel hardware is secured with double stitched, cream-colored synthetic thread that provides a subtle accent to your watch.

Due to the unique nature of leather, every strap will have slight variation. The leather will darken and develop a patina over the years in a way that may be unique to your band. The waxes and oils in the leather will shift and move in the leather creating a pull-up effect with unique shading variations.

Warranty & Maintenance

All bands come with a manufacturer’s (Benchmark Basics) 1-year non-transferable warranty against any breaks or tears as a result of on a regular basis use.

Oil-tanned leather develops a patina over the years if you want to create a watchband that may be uniquely your own
Waxes and oils in the leather create unique shading variations
Zulu style one piece design slips through every lug to keep your watch securely fastened to your wrist
Rugged hardware in thick brushed stainless steel adds a casual look
Leather is “struck-through” with dye to keep the color consistent no matter how hard you wear it



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