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Bens health: Today’s workout 270519

Awesome workout today Shoulder burn! Today’s shoulder workout felt really good. I think it’s a combination of the planning and mood. My mood was good upon entering the gym. I had a new playlist pumping out the tunes as I stepped onto the treadmil for the warm up and I was keen to get started […]

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smart changes

Some suggestions for small smart changes

A few years ago a PT friend of mine recommend a book to me called The Compound Effect. in it there is a line, quote, “Small, smart changes over time will yield results”.In it the author discuses the benefits of making little changes and corrections early on to steer your path better towards a long […]

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David Kahn Krav Maga review

Instructors Review: Mastering Krav Maga vol 1 by David Kahn

If mastering Krav Maga is your ultimate aim, then this DVD box set probably appeals to you. I have been teaching in my local Krav Maga club since 2012, and mastering Krav Maga is an ambition of mine. Overall impression… You should have this box set of DVDs in your collection. It´s a well put […]

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Bens health: Today’s workout 150519

A tough one today, but will be worth it for Bens Health. I looked up a program that I have used in the past with great success. When I lived in Copenhagen I was on a strict nutrition and workout plan, sometimes working out for 4 hours day. (yes, that was excessive… but I had […]

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Always past midnight…

It’s not a complaint, it’s sometimes just frustrating that I feel I am working late every night and progress is slower than I would like. It’s always just one sentence, one paragraph, one photo, one link, one page, one meta tag, one SEO re-write, one keyword, one HTML code, one blog post at a time… […]

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Loving what I do

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” You’ve heard this line right? “Love what you do…”. Quite probably from a dickhead “influencer”, overpaid business guru, or found it in yet another regurgitated self-help book. Perhaps your friend spat it out during a discussion about life and career choice […]

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Forget winter, summer is coming!

This summer select a decent and affordable nylon G10 for your watch and avoid the discomfort of leather bands and metal braclets. Wheather you have a diver or a field, a chronograph or a slow, jump into an online marketplace like Amazon and purchase a couple of really cool nato straps for just a few […]

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Leather on a dive watch

It was like I had committed a crime. He stared at me like I had farted on one of his Danish pastries… But instead what I had done was aparently far worse. I had replaced the original steel bracelet strap on my Omega Seamaster with a leather nato band. #KMO I had it “explained to me” […]

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A first collection of nato straps

One of the best advantages of the nato strap is it’s price. Even the most expensive is a relatively affordable option for all. Along with a rich history and huge range the G10 band on any of your watches, no matter their spec or function, will instrantly bring a new look to transform the feel of your […]

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Nato strap history: Why that design?

Labeled “Military spec” is a huge selling point for many products. The idea that something is suitable for military use resonates with many consumers as they believe (rightly so) in the high standard and functionality that the military requires will easily cover the needs of the wider community. Designed to military standard automatically sets a […]

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