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Welcome to G10Ben my onesite!


Krav Maga, Fitness Training, Family, Work, Friends and Fun... keeping it all together.

G10Ben is my new website, it´s evolving and under constant improvement... please bare with me as you bounce around the pages, there are errors but I am working on it. I hope you’ll take some time to look around G10Ben my onesite. Enjoy the photos, videos and other updates. Thanks for stopping by.

I started to feel that social media was beginning to take too much of my time. With much time spent on the phone and on the Mac to post on all platforms.

It was becoming too much...

Social media for G10Ben

... My solution was to create this website as a "onesite" portal for all my social media activity. Minimising my screen time as much as possible, allowing me to focus and optimise. It worked!

G10Ben my onesite

I decide to make social media and my websites work for me rather than me work for them. I have consolidated my outputs to just 2 platforms that I regularly and easily maintain, this website and one Instagram account. My activity as a Combat Instructor. Personal Trainer, Mentor, Blogger, Contributor, plus my own personal accounts meant I had to spend a lot of time creating though various social media platforms, valuable time that could have be better spent with my family, friends, focusing on clients or just getting that all important me time.

A quick plug for a favourite product

I have had a Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I´ve written a couple of reviews for it (the 42mm auto and the 38mm mechanical). My favourite is the little wind-up, read the posts in the blog to find out why.

G10Ben onesite working out

The aims of the onesite:

  • Link my various roles together

  • Show the real me

  • Share thoughts and ideas

  • Motivate and inspire

  • Inform on local Krav Maga, Personal Training and Bootcamp fitness sessions

  • Provide me with an expressive and creative outlet

G10Ben Onesite resting

We are each the CEO of our own personal brand

The work I am doing today is better than the work I was doing 6 months ago, and the work I will be doing 6 months from now will be better than what I do today” This is my promise to myself. Every company knows the importance of creating and presenting a brand message. As we are everywhere on the internet I want to give people the portal into seeing the real me.

Visit the Blog

My news feed and chosen platform as a necessary creative outlet.

Join the training

Become a member of the local Krav Maga club or Fitness Bootcamp

See how I train

Find out more about how I train, all the nutrition and training details included

The online smallprint

I've little to no interest in your personal data, but because I am linked to Google Analitics and Amazon affiliate marketing I have to have G10Ben Onesite privacy policies on display...

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